RHR Almaas

Fresh semen: €1500
Gender: Hengst
Coat Color: Zwart
Testet Coat color: a/a, E/e
Free from hereditary diseases: CA, SCID, LFS
Studbook: AVS
Breeder: Nancy Wight Rockin ‘Heart Ranch in Potlatch (Idaho, USA)
Registration number: 15101
UELN: 840012000616933
Sales price: €17500

Sire: RHR Safar (Thee Desperado x Chelima)

RHR Safar has made the list of Leading Juvenile Sires as reported in the Arabian Horse Times.

In addition to winning halter championships, RHR Safar is proving himself to have what it takes to be a world class stallion – beautiful foals. In his second foal crop, Safar had 10 fillies and 3 colts. All of them were stamped with the evidence of the powerful sire lines behind RHR Safar.

Bud Gilbert, an astute breeder who has bred his lovely Skyhaven mares to some of the Egyptian world’s best known stallions, tells us that his foals by RHR Safar are some of the very best he has ever had! Other well established and successful breeders have been so kind as to make similar remarks.

A top breeding stallion is prepotent for some important qualities, such as beautiful faces, long, high set necks, strong toplines with short backs and correct, balanced conformation and excellent legs. These are the qualities that we are delighted to report RHR Safar is passing on consistently to his get. Not the least is a sweet, people orientated, tractable temperament, this has been Safar’s hallmark characteristic and Safar gets it from both sides of his pedigree!

If colour is important to you, and it does draw attention to your breeding program, all of Safar’s foals that are chestnut instead of black, are very light, some almost white, flaxen as well! Color options don’t get any better than that!

The sire of RHR Safar is Thee Desperado, a 1989 Egyptian Arabian stallion, first made an impression in the Arabian horse world as a halter champion: U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Stallion in 1993; Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion at Scottsdale and U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion in 1994. His greatest success, however, was as a breeding stallion. A sire of many U.S. and Canadian national and international champions, Thee Desperado was named Leading Sire at the Egyptian Event, an annual international competition held by The Pyramid Society breeders’ association, for ten consecutive years.

Dam: Princess Monalia (Haziz Halim x SW Shai Monalia)

Princess Monalia has a stunning head. It is unbelievably deep, broad between the most gigantic eyes with a full jibba, deep dish, and huge jaw. Her eyes are so big, superlatives fail.

Princess has a correct, balanced conformation with perfect legs, and she passes this asset on to her foals. As a bonus, she is a lovely mover and loves to flag her tail.

She has the quietest, most laid back disposition ever found on an Arabian horse.

Princess Monalia is the daughter of Haziz Halim. Haziz Halim who was one of the youngest remaining sons of the famous Ansata Ibn Halima and out of Serenity Shahrabi. Haziz had an outstanding, timeless pedigree, exquisite type, and just so happens to be black! (Which is pretty amazing considering the absence of black in his pedigree.)

One of the best things that Haziz passed on to his progeny was his remarkably pleasant disposition. In addition, his offspring have nice typical arabian heads, good reach, stretch and movement, and substantial size, all of which are required for show ring wins. He was a performance champion and has sired champions in a variety of divisions. His offspring have distinguished themselves with Class A championships in hunter pleasure, western pleasure, country pleasure, show hack, dressage, and trail, as well as winning on the racetrack. They have also done well at halter as futurity champions, class A champions, and IAHA Sweepstakes money winners. Haziz Halim was a consistent sire who left his indelible mark on his offspring. For this reason, he crossed well with a wide range of bloodlines. Because of Haziz’s excellent disposition, he was a real joy to handle on a daily basis as well as a pleasure to ride.