LH Penelope

Gender: Filly
Date of Birth: May 8th 2023
Coat Color: waiting for testresult
Testet Coat color: Grey
Free from hereditary diseases: waiting for testresults
Studbook: NWPCS, Register VB
Breeder: Chess Arabians
UELN: 528017202300209
Inbreeding percentage: 1.95%
Pure Bred:  100.00% Welsh
Penelope comes in hand every day and we cuddle her a lot. She is registered with Dutch Welsh Pony and Cob Studbook. A coat color test will be done and she will be tested for hereditary diseases.
Penelope received a 2nd Premium on 15-07-2023 at the Regionale keuring Afd. Midden – Heteren

Sire: Paaskamp’s Princenhage

Paaskamp’s Princenhage represents no less than eight generations in the Netherlands. This line started in the Netherlands with the mare Weston Gay Lady, a top horse of her time, coupled to Royal Welsh champion and known in the motherland as a foundation stallion, Bowdler Brewer. For those eight Dutch generations, there are still 9 generations in the mother country, so Princenhage comes from a long-bred line and one of the most appreciated dam lines, that of Lady White/Lady Starlight. We then continue with stallions known in the Netherlands such as Blaenau Chelsea Fan, Winkeldorp’s King (Dyoll Starlight cup winner 1993), Rowfant Saul (best three-year-old 1983) and then come to the mare Patricia, grandmother of Princenhage. Patricia was bred to Knodishall Geraint, a stallion who has had a strong influence on Dutch breeding in a few breeding seasons. Knodishall Gwillym and Geraint are ¾ brothers, both by Pendock Legend out of a daughter of Knodishall Miracle. Paaskamp’s Paola was the result of this combination and, just like her mother, became ‘keur’. An achievement that unfortunately occurs too little in section A, two generations of ‘keur’ mares in a row. Princenhage is the first studbook son of Ysselvliedt’s Special Edition, who, just like Pendock Legend, is a son of Revel Jeeves, which results in a nice piece of line breeding.

Jury report CHK 2015
Paaskamp’s Princenhage was registered as a three-year-old studbook stallion during the CHK and achieved 6th place.
Paaskamp’s Princenhage is a generously developed stallion with a broad appearance. Well muscled all around. Could have a little more development at the withers and a little more length in the neck. Good walk and trot with good use of the hind leg.

Dam: Paris

A beautiful, very typical gray mare with a very good movement. She has received a 1st premium and is a “ster” mare. She has already given 5 foals, of which 2 foals have received a 1st premium. She will be trained under the saddle and in front of the cart.