C.A. Sharif

Gender: Hengst
Coat Color: Vos
Testet Coat color: a/a, E/E
Free from hereditary diseases: CA, SCID, LFS
Studbook: AVS
Breeder: Chess Arabians
Registration number: 14616

Sire: Barakee (Aviv-Aaziez x Senna-Mara)

Barakee is a beautiful homozygous black stallion with four white socks and a white spot on his forehead. He has a very gentle character.

Aviv-Aaziez is the son of Saladinn KSI. Saladinn KSI won the 2003 arabian stallion award in Germany. The black stallion Saladinn KSI is a son of the old bloodlines of Taladinn, which carries the bloodline of Traditio, Gdansk and Basque.

Saladinn’s mother line carries mainly Egyptian with some Babson bloodlines.

Saladinn KSI is bred in The Netherlands and was soon exported to South Germany. Taladinn was a world champion in 1993 and stands now in Qatar.

The mother of Aviv-Aaziez is Bass Shabinah, a daughter of the 1st black premium Stallion G Basgier. G Basgier is a black first premium stallion and is born in America. At the age of 2 he was sold to the Netherlands.

G Basgier has been shown several times. He has been shown in Tilburg in 1993 and has got the 1st place and in 1994 he got the 1st place and first premium. Also on the stallion approval in 1998, he won 1st place and first premium and in Exloo in 1998 again 1st place and he became Champion.

Senna-Mara is a black mare of the Russian stallion Duval. Duval is bred at Tersk Stud in Russia. His offsprings can be found in many countries through out Europe and they are successful in both breeding, showing and performance.

Duval´s sire Vympel was known as “The Black Prince of Tersk”, and he was a Sire at SAX Arabians, Germany for some years. Also he achieved 93 points at International Show in Wels in 1994.

Vympels mother Molva was said to be one of the very best Menes daughters ever. Duvals dam Derjava is by the famous Aswan, who came to Russia as a gift from Egypt. Aswan was chief sire at Tersk for many years, and he has had a great influence on Russian breeding and though generations he proved himself as an outstanding sire.

She is also an offspring of the great stallion Balaton and Pobeg. Balaton (Menes x Panagia by Aswan) won the Supreme Champion Horse Exhibition Show and was Moscow European Champion Stallion For years. Balaton was the most important breedingstallion for Russian Horses. He added type, size, motion and the beautiful head to his children.

His famous children like Balenina, Pjatakova, Kubinec, Abakan, Absent, Verbala are known for their breeding potential and for the quality of their offspring. In every russian pedigree of today you can find that great stallion. Balaton was born in Russia and was considered to be the replacement of his sire Menes, who was sold to the US.

Barakee carries world famous Russian bloodlines and also from sire and dam some black blood lines.

Mare: V.H. Ezrah (Al Shuhruf x Salah III)

V.H. Ezrah is a straight Egyptian homozygous black mare. Ezrah carries the famous blood of Simeon Sadik, Asfour, Ansata el Salim, Gharib, Ghorab, El Aswad and Ibn Galal

Al Shuhruf is a beautiful black exotic straight egyptian stallion with compact body and outstanding movements. He has a lot of attitude, good movements and an excellent pedigree. Al Shuhrufs sire is the worlds` famous black straight egyptian stallion, Simeon Sadik. Simeon Sadik is regarded as one of the premier if not the best black stallion in the world. He has won numerous Championships in Australia and Europe.

The sire of Simeon Sadik is Asfour. Asfour is the son of Hanan and Malik. Malik was a stunning white stallion with unparalleled movement. Asfour, born in 1984, produces (mostly black) foals of extreme type, with tiny ears and amazing expression. All of Asfours progeny inherit their spectacular movement from their grandfather, Malik.

Simeon Sadik his dam is the great broodmare Simeon Safanad. This priceless mare was a daughter of Sankt Georg RSI (Ansata El Salim x Bint El Bataa) and Simeon Stud’s foundation Egyptian mare 27 Ibn Galal V (Ibn Galal x 10 Hosna), the first ever Australian Champion mare. Galal had an incredibly strong pedigree, being a double Nazeer, double El Sareei great granddaughter, her four great granddams all being great breeding mares also… Farasha, Yousreia, Maisa and Roda, she was a paternal granddaughter of the wonderful mare black mare Mogha.

Al Shuhrufs dam EH Ghasira is a daughter of Gharib (EAO), who was chief sire of Marbach, the German State Stud. She comes from the combination of Gharib x El Garia, which gave outstanding performance horses, who also excelled by reaching outstandingly high ages and being productive up to high age. EH Ghasira was sold at the Gucci sale and is now broodmare and long distance horse with Dr. June Alexander in Great Britain.

Al Shuhruf is Al Khamsa registered. Al Shuhruf carries the following strains:
Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Rodania (BLT)

Salah is sired by Ghorab who is a son of Gharib (Anter x Souhair), the noble black stallion imported from Egypt in 1970 to Germany where he was chief sire at Marbach.

Gharib was a sire of significance and a black stallion. He sired Sharigha who won the 2 year old filly class at Aachen in 1982. His son, El Abd won the Medingen performance trials in 1977 and has an impressive number of wins in show jumping.

Also a Gharib son, Sirhan, placed fifth in all breeds in performance trails in Germany in 1981. Gharib was also used for Trakehner breeding and has sired licensed Trakehner stallions including one licensing winner. He was also used in Wurttemburger breeding – large, powerful riding and driving horses at Marbach.

Gharib is Al Khamsa registered. Gharib carries the following strains:
Tail Male: Jamil El Kebir (APK)
Tail Female: Venus (KDV)

The dam of Ghorab is El Garia. El Garia was a black mare imported from the famous Egyptian Al Badeia Stables, later exported to the USA. El Garia is registered by the Al Khamsa Arabians (1983) in the foreign section as a 1970 black mare by Tuhotmos out of Noosa (ABS), bred by Sayed Marei’s AlBadeia Stud in Egypt.

She had been imported to Germany in 1972. In 1988, she (along with descendants) was imported to the United States. The Arabian Horse Association has officially changed the pedigree for El Garia 432354 to Ibn Galila (EAO)/Noosa (ABS).

El Garia carries the following strains:
Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Rodania (BLT)

Salah her grandfather is El Aswad (Ibn Galal 15), who was exported to Germany where he was especially noted as an excellent sire of performance horses, is sired by Ibn Galal and his dam is Hosna.


National C Show Zuid 2014

Categorie 9: standaard
Catalogusnr. 38
Qualificatie 5 / 7
Jury Type H/H R/B Ben Gang Gem Tot
K. Detailleur 18 17.50 17 15 17 16.90
J. Everars 17 17.00 16 15 18 16.60
E. Jones 17 18.00 17 15 19 17.20
Gemiddelde 17.33 17.50 16.67 15.00 18.00 16.90 253.50