C.A. Manchas Dakota

Gender: Filly
Date of Birth: April 11 2023
Coat Color: waiting for test result
Testet Coat color: Bay Tobiano
Free from hereditary diseases: SCID , LFS, CA and OAAM clear
Breeder: Chess Arabians
UELN: 528008202300036
Arab Blood Percentage: 88.343% ox 5.647% xx

A very sweet Bay tobiano filly born in April 2023. She comes in hand every day and we cuddle her a lot. She is registered with the Dutch Riding Horses and Pony Studbook.  C.A. Manchas Dakota has received the 1st premium at the NRPS Region selection South & selection DPC at Manege Het Zwarte Water

Sire: Painted Dragon

SCID and CA free! Painted Dragon is a very typey Arab Pinto stallion with over 84% AV, a wonderful type and very good movements. Dragon is the first licensed Arab Pinto who was tested homozygous Tobiano. He will also produce 100% spotted foals from AV mares with a high AV percentage of over 92%. He has an excellent character, is very people-oriented and has strong nerves. His father Painted Diamond already has several licensed sons and highly successful daughters.

His foal rating: elegant and clearly built uphill with swinging movements, awarded with 8.7 !! Dragon was licensed on November 7th, 2009 and entered stallion book 1 in the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch

Painted Dragon completed his stallion performance test in 2013 against sport ponies, where he placed 3rd. He received a grade of 9 for his very good character, and an 8 for learning and willingness to perform, performance and rideability. He received a grade of 7.75 from the two test riders, only the champion stallion was rated higher.

Genetically Painted Dragon carries Ee, AA, To/To, CA N/N, Scid N/N, PSSM1 N/N

offspring :

So far almost all Dragon foals have been awarded with more than 8 and that at different associations. His son Painted Danilo was licensed and his first daughters were all registered as premium mares. His daughter Painted Malaysia won her class at the State Show Rhineland-Palatinate Saar and took a great 3rd place at the European Championships in Stadl Paura after a very long journey with the highest trot score of all mares in this class.

Dam: Rainbows Sandy Desire

The very sweet and good ridden Pintabian mare “Rainbows Sandy Desire”, born 2016 by GP Dakota Dancer out of AS Rym Elbey, 99,7 %
Color: Bay tobiano
She is NRPS, IPAR and Pinto registered
Height will be appr. 1.54 m
Color scheme Aa Ee nTO