C.A. Lail

Gender: Hengst
Coat Color: Homozygoot zwart
Testet Coat color: a/a, E/E
Free from hereditary diseases: CA, SCID, LFS
Studbook: AVS
Breeder: Chess Arabians

Sire: EA Jameel (Ashhal el Chamsin x Jameelah III)

EA Jameel is a son of straight Egyptian stallion Ashhal el Chamsin, son of Nahbir el Chamsin. Nahbir el Chamsin is the son of Nahaman and carries the Abeyyan About Jurays – Hanan Line – Inshass Mona Family strains.

EA Jameel is a son of the mare Jameelah III.

Dam: V.H. Ezrah (Al Shuhruf x Salah III)

V.H. Ezrah is the daughter of Al Shuhruf. Al Shuhruf is a beautiful black exotic straight Egyptian stallion with compact body and excellent movements. He has a lot of body, good movements and an excellent family tree. Al Shuhruf’s father is the world famous black straight Egyptian stallion, Simeon Sadik. Simeon Sadik is considered to be one of the most important, if not the best black stallion in the world. He has won many championships in Australia and Europe.

The father of Simeon Sadik is Asfour. Asfour is the son of Hanan and Malik. Malik was a beautiful white stallion with an unrivaled movement. Asfour, born in 1984, produces (mostly black) foals with an elegant body, with small ears and amazing expression. All Asfour’s descendants inherit the spectacular movements of their grandfather Malik.

Simeon Sadik’s mother is the amazing breeding mare Simeon Safanad. This great mare is a daughter of Sankt Georg RSI (Ansata El Salim x Bint El Bataa) and the Simeon Stud’s foundation Egyptian Mare 27 Ibn Galal V (Ibn Galal x 10 Hosna), the very first Australian champion mare.

Galal has an incredibly strong pedigree with a double nazeer, with a double granddaughter of El Sareei and her four famous grandparents, who are also famous breeders. Farasha, Yousreia, Maisa and Roda. And she is a granddaughter of the beautiful mare black mare Mogha.

Al Shuhrufs’s mother is EH Ghasira, she is a daughter of Gharib (EAO), who was ancestor of Marbach, German State Studies. It comes from the combination of Gharib x El Garia, who has given excellent performance horses. EH Ghasira was sold at Gucci sales and is now Breeding Mare and Endurance Horse of Dr. June Alexander in Great Britain.

Salah is a daughter of Ghorab, a son of Gharib (Anter x Souhair). The noble black stallion Gharib moved from Egypt to Egypt in 1970, where he became an ancestor of Marbach.

He conquered Sharigha who won the 2 year old mares in Aachen in 1982. His son El Abd won the Medingen performance trials in 1977 and has an impressive number of victories in the springsport.

Gharib was also used for Trakehner breeding and has licensed Trakehner stallions including a licensing winner. He was also used in Wurttemburger breeding – big, powerful driving and riding horses in Marbach.

Salah’s grandmother El Garia was a black mare of the famous Egyptian Al Badeia Stables, later exported to the USA.

Salah’s grandfather is El Aswad (Ibn Galal 15), which was performed to Germany, where he was noted as an outstanding father of performance horses, is a daughter of Ibn Galal and his mother is Hosna.