C.A. Khaleesi

Gender: Merrie
Coat Color: Bruin
Free from hereditary diseases: CA, SCID, LFS
Studbook: AVS
Breeder: Chess Arabians

Sire: Aviv-Wahid (Black Diamond LDA x Bas Manaqua)

Aviv-Wahid is a son of the straight Egyptian black stallion Black Diamond LDA. An exceptional Thee Desperado son, out of a beautiful and athletic mare, Alia Amal LDA (Out of Rhapsody in Black – the Overall Leading Dam of the 2005 Egyptian Event!)

Aviv-Wahid is a son of Bas Manaqua. Bas Manaqua is a daughter of G-Basgier. G-Basgier is a 1st prize black stallion born in Paolo Gucci’s stables in the United States, he came to the Netherlands when he was two years old. His family tree is a beautiful mix of exotic well-typed Egyptian and charming Polish Arab bloodlines. This stallion has an extreme Arab head, which he passes on to all his descendants. He is very rastypical, has an excellent character and these qualities are getting good results on shows. In 1993 at a show in Tilburg he won 1st place and at Stallion Selection in 1994 and 1998, he achieved a 1st prize and a 1st place. At the regional show in Exloo he was awarded 1st place and was also champion of the day.

G-Basgier is a first premium black stallion born in the stables of Paolo Gucci in the USA and he came to Holland when he was two years old. His pedigree is a nice blend of the exotic type of Egyptian Arabian and the charming Polish Arabian. This stallion possesses an extreme Arabian head, which he passes on to all his offspring. He is more than the standard arabian horse. This horse tics all the boxes and stands out. Han har en fremragende karakter og disse træk har været belønnet med gode resultater på en række shows. At Tilburg in 1993 he achieved first place and at the Stallion selection in 1994 and 1998 he achieved a first premium and a first place. At the regional show in Exloo he was awarded first place and was also champion of the day; This success was emphasized as he achieved this against very strong competition.

Dam: Shaseera B (Sivmen B x Selahyah Price Mena)

Shaseera B is a daughter of Sivem B. Sivmen B is a direct descendant of the world-famous stallion Menes. The father of Menes is Nabeg, descending from Metropolia. Sivmen also carries the bloodlines of Sivka, Strike and Gay Polly. In his bloodlines we also find Arax, Priboj, Aladdinn, Gwyndalyn and Gaypolka ++. Sivmen B carries several famous Russian and Polish bloodlines.

Sivmen is a 1st prize deer stallion with a star predicate as a final result.

Sivmen has correctly built and rastypical descendants who are doing very well in the world as a stallion or as a breeding mare.

Sivmen is after 12 years proven service in the Netherlands, sold in 2007 to America.

The mother of Shaseera B is Selahyah Prismena, she is the daughter of the famous stallion Prismen. Prizes are a first prize stallion with many types and giant movements. Prismen is a descendant of the stallion Menes and his mother is Pristina v. Komplekt. Prizes have already won many good results on shows. Many of his descendants have great movements, but they all have a great character.

The mother of Selahyah Prismena is Sifra. Sifra is a granddaughter of Abdullah and Amal. Abdullah became world champion in 1981 and was sold to America (Minnesota) in 1983. Amal became the 1984 World Champion, 1990 National Champion in the Netherlands, 1994 Amal National Champion in England and at the age of 25, the old world champion stalled Amal for his special merits in both the breeding and the showring honored with the WAHO-Plaquette.