Aviv-Aswad Qadir

Gender: Hengst
Coat Color: Homozygoot zwart
Free from hereditary diseases: CA, SCID, LFS
Studbook: AVS
Breeder: Westra-Meijer, HARDINXVELD-GIESSENDAM, Nederland
Registration number: 15434
UELN: 528001000015434
Sales price: €8500

Sire: EA Saheedi (Ashhal el Chamsin x E A Shanuka).

Saheedi is a homozygous black (x-ray) approved Arabian stallion. Saheedi has a very sweet and willing character and can give a beautiful show.

Dam: Miss Nazrana Pascha (Gloire d’Eversam x J.S. Nazoufah)

Her father is Gloire d’Eversam (Warandes Pascha (Plakat / Barnwa) & Bint Shaklana (Malik / Shaklana)) Warandes Pascha is also the father of AZZIZ DE GARGASSAN . Her dam is JS Nazoufah (IBN Faanah (Masir / Shams El Faanah) & Nasoulah (Ghibli / Naxindos). Nazrana has a show-oriented as well as an endurance-oriented pedigree. In 2004 Nazrana participated in the European Championship for Arabian Thoroughbreds, she finished for the Reserve Belgian Champion Foal of the same year. D. Nazrana has super beautiful movements and a lot of expression, she is about 1m51.